Interview With Featured Skater: Joshua Ventre

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How did you start skating?
Ok so as a kid I was always watching YouTube and I soon found myself watching people like Aron Kyro and other professional skaters like that, i started to watch people skate daily and I just had to get a board, so one day I went to my local skate shop and bought a complete toy machine deck and 2 years later I’m still skating.
Are you considering on becoming a professional skater?
I think becoming professional will be hard but I think if I stuck with skating a couple more years I could definitely consider it.
How long have you been skating?
Well I started skating around 2 years ago when I was 12, but in the middle of it I did take a couple month break so I would say about a year and a half of pure skating.
What has been the worst injury you’ve gotten while skating?
Well, when I first started skating I had no idea what to even do so I just started doing tricks, one day I was just riding to school when I fell over head first and broke my wrist, I have had some minor injuries from there like sprained ankle but nothing serious.
What tricks can you do?
Well, it actually took me over 2 months to even learnt to ollie as a beginner but after that it started to get easier and I like to skate with style and do tricks like strawberry milkshake and other stylish tricks like that, I don’t really skate bowl or vert I am a full street skater and always have been.
Joshua Ventre skating with his dedacs prime hoodie
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