Interview With Featured Skater: Joseph Rodriguez

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How did you start skating?
 I started skating because one day after school I went to hang out with my friends and they asked me to film them and I was confused so I said film what? They were like us skating, I'm like oh okay. Then I first started trying to push on a board and I started off pushing Mongo and eventually I just got into skating and started actually trying!
Are you considering on becoming a professional skater?
The answer to that is no. Reason being if it was to happen awesome but it's not my go to goal because reality sucks.
How long have you been skating?
 I started skating 4 years ago.
What has been the worst injury you’ve gotten while skating?
The worst injury would be messing up my wrist, and cutting open my shin causing me to get stitches! Also my wrist can no longer bend like a normal wrist!
What tricks can you do?
 I can do a lot of tricks my top 5 tricks would be, Tre flip, Tre double flip, backside flip, nollie frontside flip, front smith!
Joseph Rodriguez
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